Heavy on Fashion Talks to Author Dana Killion


Hello, all my divas & gurus! I am so happy to give you this exclusive interview with Dana Killion. I got the chance to talk about Dana's latest memoir "Where the Shadows Dance". In this memoir, Dana talks about her past marriage to an addict and all the lessons she has learned from that experience. We talk about grief, betrayal, love, and loss. Dana drops so many nuggets of knowledge and wisdom regarding love, caregiving, healing, and self-worth.  Dana and I also talked about her other work as a fictional murder mystery writer, new releases, and some tips for other future writers.

Book Review

"Where the Shadows Dance" is a heartfelt and authentic portrayal of the struggles associated with drug addiction and infidelity. In this book, Dana Killion masterfully captures the real and raw emotions experienced in response to grief. Some parts of the story resonated with me on a personal level, serving as a reminder that I was still in the process of healing from my own divorce. I am grateful for the support I received through therapy, which helped me navigate these triggers. Additionally, reading this book prompted me to engage in introspection, allowing me to gain valuable insights from my own divorce and subsequent healing journey. 

Be sure to check out Danan Killion's website at https://www.danakillion.com/ and 
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