Heavy on Fashion News Rundown - April 4th 2023


Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! When I started Heavy on Fashion, I have a section called Heavy on Fashion Rundown, where I would talk about the latest news and events in the industry. I am happy to say that I am bringing this segment back. So check back with Heavy on Fashion for the latest news in Fashion, Beauty, Books, Finances, and Parenting. Let's get started! 

April is Autism Awareness Month 🧩: I have a recent episode where I talk about Autism resources in the Monmouth County area. You can check out the podcast episode at https://anchor.fm/heavyonfashion/episodes/Autism-In-New-Jersey-Resource--More-e209gb0 
Or on an Apple podcast 

L’Oréal buys Aesop in a $2.5 billion deal, its biggest acquisition ever! Just in December 2021, L'Oréal announced the acquisition of the vegan skincare brand Youth to the People. In July 2016, they acquire IT Cosmetics for $1.2 billion 🤑. In March 2018, L'Oréal acquired the beauty augmented reality company ModiFace. L'Oreal is buying up Indie Beauty Companies left and right. With Revlon filing for bankruptcy in 2023, nothing is standing in the way of L'oreal! Looks like a cosmetic takeover to me. I wonder who will L'oreal will buy next.

Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette, who’s led the company’s turnaround effort, will retire next year. Honestly, I haven't shopped in Macy's in years. The Macy's by Me is an abandoned retail store of high school memories. I would not be surprised if we see a few more stores closing. Brick & Morter retail is pretty much down and out. With inflation and low-paying wages, the middle class can not help the retail industry now! Good luck Macy's, your Junior's section was chef kiss! 

Speaking of low wages and subpar work conditions - Walmart is doing great. Lol! Walmart is the one-stop shop for many. Where else can you buy food, a dress for work, a futon, and a computer in one place without selling your left kidney?😂 Walmart is using its convenience shopping to its advantage. They launch a new website that rivals Amazon and uses A.I. to target their audience. Walmart still has a lot to work on though. Walmart was sued by EEOC for firing deli workers with Crohn’s disease. Their employer vs employee relations is trash. Also, let's not forget the emerging racial profiling cases that we see constantly on TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter! 

Can We talk about Issa Rae in the Barbie Movie! She is President Barbie. I am rooting for everybody black! IYKYK

So this brings me to something that I am not surprised at. Black AI models are taking over! Apparently, Fashion brands including Levi’s and Calvin Klein are using custom AI models created representation in size, skin tone, and age. So instead of having inclusion in real life, we have it in the Metaverse. You can not make this up! 😒 My suggestion to all my fashion and gurus, get into ML (Machine Learning), especially if you are black. Google, Coursera, and EdX have courses and certifications in Machine learning & A.I. This is going to be really interesting. 

Speaking of Terminator... ChatGPT is all over, except in Italy. ChatGPT is being used in everything from writing a thesis paper to getting out of tickets. But Itlay said not so fast. The Italian Government basically said, nah this CHatGPT is too damn nosey and it's accessing our citizens' information. Until this is fixed, Italy is like - ChatGPT will not be back! 🤣

I am a bit confused about this news. So Sephora and Zappos (Zappos is Owned by Amazon) will be doing a collab? Well more like Sephora will be selling their items on Zappos. Like what! Are we matching our eyeshadow with our Crocs? What is happening here? I do not understand this collab and I want to see how this goes. My crystal ball 🔮 says...disaster! There is a space for this..but it is not on Zappos. Sidenote: I love Zappos but I haven't shopped on the site in years. I will say the Zappos 1-year return policy is Chef's Kiss! 

The LVMH finalist has been announced. Check out the full list at https://www.lvmhprize.com/2021-edition/. You can check out each designer's looks on Instagram at https://www.lvmhprize.com/2021-edition/. Ok, can we be honest here? I want to see who will win the Karl Lagerfeld Prize. The LVMH will get 300,000 euros and the Karl Lagerfeld Winner will get 150,000 euros!  

TRUMP IS UNDER ARREST! Let's see how the white hoods, I mean red caps,  will handle this! 

 Ok, that is all I got in me to spill and critique. Have a Marvelous Day

P.S. - New Podcast Interview with Dana  Killion, author of Where the Shadows Dance, on 4/5/2023! 
Book Review coming soon! 



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