Heavy on Fashion News Rundown - Its getting Kinda Hectic


Fashion, Beauty & Style 
  • Levi Strauss & Co. CEO Chip Bergh says that skinny jeans are here to stay. Honestly, they never left so I am confused about this. This is just weird to say but go off Levi
  • The Container Store and Big Lots are temporarily offering a discount for bringing in Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons. This is so nice and very smart. Also, Bed, Bath, and Beyond are allegedly upping the price during the closing sale to get more money. Shame BBB...shame! 
  • Robloks may be getting some designer threads according to the Wall Street Journal. The Metaverse is getting very interesting. Roblok reminds me of Second Life without decent graphics.
  • Victoria's Secret fashion show is back. They are doing an entire documentary on the rebranding and hopefully showcasing models that can represent everyone and not emphasize the Eurocentric beauty standards of America. I have seen the commercials and it may be promising. I doubt that they can give what Fenty is giving...

Business & Politkkks
  • Linda Yaccarino Leaves NBCUniversal Amid Talks to Become Twitter CEO. Twitter owner, Elon Musk said earlier he had picked a new chief executive, without naming the person according to The Wall Street Journal. If this is true, do you think Linda will get Twitter in order or not?
  • Daniel Penny surrendered to the police after killing Jordan Neely on an NYC subway ride. The Manhattan district attorney’s office will charge Mr. Penny with second-degree manslaughter for choking Mr. Neely, a homeless man, to death. Apparently, Daniel Perry's father was a high-ranking police officer for the NYPD. This may explain why it took so long to press charges.
  • CNN is looking like Fox News with that Trump Townhall disaster. The reviews came in and it was an orange trash fire. Well, don't be surprised if you see the political view of CNN switch up for the views. 
  • George Santos confessed to stealing checks in Brazil in a deal to drop charges. Lord this dude is still in office - Earth is Ghetto. I want to leave 


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