Amazon Buys 6/22/23 + My loves and must haves for June 2023!

 Hello, all my divas and gurus! So I am a part of Amazon's Associate's program. Now as you all may or may not know. I am an Amazon Prime Girl. As most of us are. So today, I am going to share some of my favorite buys. If you are a Prime Girl too, just click that link to get these products into your home! Now I purchased everything myself. No Freebies on this post!  

So you do not know, my son is autistic. Many children on the spectrum are runners. My Noah is a runner ...a track star ( Shout out to Mooski). Thanks to therapy, he is walking with Mommy (Me!). When he wants! Now that summer is here and the kid wants to have fun, these Anti-Lost Wrist Link bracelets are great! Great Quality and easy to put on and take off. 

The Amazon Fire Tablet has been a lifesaver, especially when traveling in the car. I love the 7-inch (2022) Amazon Fire Kids tablet. The stand and protective case are very kid friendly. I love that I have control of the content that my son watches. Also, a 10 hr battery life is more than enough for Noah. Shout out to the PBS Kids App and the Sesame Street apps. They are a ride and lifesaver!  

This time around, I purchased the screen protector. Though Amazon Fire Kid's Tablet is very durable, Noah is rough on things. This screen protector is great so far! Though the Amazon Fire Tablet has a great case, please get the screen protector. It is worth it.

Ok, everyone, I will be doing another Amazon post about Noah's room and how those items are holding up. Stay tuned  


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