Heavy on Fashion Reviews Dignity Raw Coconut Oil

Hello, all my divas and gurus! I am excited to share my thoughts on Dignity Raw Coconut Oil. If you have read Heavy on Fashion in the past, I love coconut oil. I use it for cooking, moisturizing my skin, as a make-up remover, and more.

It is important to note that not all coconut oils are created equal, but Dignity Coconuts is doing something truly remarkable. This brand is deeply committed to helping their community and promoting sustainability. Their mission is to end the modern-day slavery of coconut farmers in the Philippines. By purchasing their Raw Organic Coconut Oil, we can help change lives by eliminating the predatory and deceitful loans that have kept families in extreme poverty for generations.

Dignity has already helped 156 families escape slavery and poverty and has provided good jobs to 114 people in their manufacturing plants. These workers also receive ongoing education and life skills training. Additionally, Dignity is improving community health through initiatives like medical and dental clinics, which have already reached thousands in need.

I love a product that gives back to the community and the consumer. You get to know who is producing your coconut oil. This type of craftsmanship and personalization is impressive! Shout out to Jaypee for making my jar of Coconut oil. 

My Review:

I am using this jar of Dignity Coconut oil for my beauty and health needs only. The 15oz jar is large enough to use the coconut oil for everything. I wanted to use this jar exclusively for oral health and beauty. 
  • I'm pleased with the consistency of Dignity Coconut Oil. It feels fabulous on my skin. I sometimes mix it with a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil. 
  • It works well as a conditioner for my hair. I am growing my hair back after shaving it off for 3 years! Dignity Coconut oil has really helped with my hair journey. (Sidenote: I am using other products as well. Dignity Coconut oil has been a great addition)
  • Coconut oil can be used for oral hygiene too. Personally, I use coconut oil for oil pulling. I use the Dignity Coconut for oil pulling in my nighttime routine. I have seen some positive results so far. 
  • I also use it as a moisturizer for my son, Noah. Noah has eczema. In the summertime, Noah had a few eczema flairs. Noah is autistic and has some aversions to certain textures. Fortunately for me, Noah likes Dignity Coconut Oil. 

Dignity Coconut oil is an excellent choice for those looking for a 100% organic, unrefined, and non-GMO option. It is also free from harmful chemicals like hexane and has not been exposed to heat or moldy coconuts. With 62% MCTs naturally, it offers a range of possibilities for use in the kitchen. Personally, I enjoy cooking with coconut oil and find it to be perfect for Keto, Vegan, and Non-Dairy diets. It pairs well with fish, veggies, chicken, and even red meat. Additionally, it can be substituted for other oils like butter, olive oil, canola oil, and vegetable oil in baking. 

Overall, I would rate this product 4 out of 4 coconuts đŸ„„! It's not only a high-quality product, but it's also made with a beautiful mission in mind. I'm thrilled to be able to share my positive experience with Dignity Coconut Oil.

Check out Dignity Raw Coconut Oil at https://dignitycoconuts.com/!
Also, check out on Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/@Dignitycoconuts

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Be Magnificent! 


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