Heavy on Fashion Reviews - Jones Soda Special Release Hatch Chile & Lime Soda

Hello, all my divas and gurus! I love a good unique drink, especially in the summer.  Luckily for me, the folks at Jones Soda Co sent over a box of its latest special release, Hatch Chile & Lime Soda. Yes, you read right, Hatch Chile & Lime Soda. Let's get into this unique flavor and what I really think about it. I will talk about the taste, packaging, and more. So, I suggest you get your grocery list out or open up your grocery list app. Jones Soda Co. will be a new addition to your list. 

Jones Soda Company describes Hatch Chile Lime Soda as: 

"GET READY FOR SOME MILD SUMMER HEAT! Hatch Chile & Lime Soda is here. Combining the bold flavors of smoky hatch chiles with a refreshing zing of lime. Pairs perfectly with spicy food on a hot evening."  

This particular soda is an excellent pairing for various meals such as tacos, BBQ, and ramen. It boasts a delightful spiciness that perfectly complements any dish with a bit of a kick. Moreover, it can also be used as a fantastic mixer for tequila or whiskey when served chilled. Its versatile and flavorful profile makes it an excellent choice for any occasion.

One thing that I do love about this soda is that they use cane sugar. I taste the difference when companies use corn syrup vs cane sugar. Bravo to them for this move! I also like that is an independent Soda company. Not too many of those out in the beverage industry. As you all know, I love a good independent business. 

I must commend Jones Soda Co. for their impeccable packaging skills. I had initial concerns about the soda being damaged during transit, but the 12-pack of Hatch Chile & Lime soda was delivered to me in pristine condition. I couldn't be happier, as this refreshing soda is a perfect accompaniment to any gathering or BBQ.

My Rating 

I give the Jones Soda Co., Hatch Chile & Lime Soda three out of four hatch chiles. I like the drink, especially as a mixer but I wish there was a bit more lime. The smokey pepper taste is there but I just need a bit more lime, like we all need a bit more cowbell. IYKYK!

Special thanks to the fabulous folks at Jones Soda Co and James of Jill Schmidt PR.

You can check out the Hatch Chile Lime Soda at https://www.jonessoda.com/
Please be sure to check out Jones Soda Co on Instagram at @jonessodaco


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